Chief Mountain, pastel by D.T. Reeves

Southern Alberta

Presented here is a selection of southern Alberta landscapes in pastels that I have produced in the open air over the course of the past few years. Featured in two separate galleries, here are views of the Alberta foothills and the Canadian Rockies, sweeping grassland vistas of the Milk River region, arid shortgrass prairies of…

Canadian Landscapes

A series of artwork created during recent road trips across Canada. The following pastels were produced on location along the north shore of Lake Superior, in Algonquin Park and by the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

Tidewater Views

Johnson’sĀ  MillsĀ  is located on the Bay of Fundy, within the UNESCO-designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve. At low tide the mudflats here extend well out into Shepody Bay, providing migratory shorebirds such as semi-palmated sandpipers with rich food resources as they prepare for their non-stop flight to South America. One hot July afternoon in 2018 I set my painting chair down in the red sand to paint this shoreline view of Dorchester Cape.

Prairie Homesteads

Featuring a selection of pastels of abandoned prairie homesteads that still dot the landscape in remote parts of Southeastern Alberta.

Summer of ’19: Prairie to Sea

Here is a selection of some recent pastels I produced between June and August of this year. The views of Lake Superior, Algonquin Park and the New Brunswick coast are from my trip to visit my family’s woodland property in southeastern New Brunswick which is 8 miles, as the osprey flies, from tidewater. I revisited…

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