Here is a selection of some recent pastels I produced between June and August of this year. The views of Lake Superior, Algonquin Park and the New Brunswick coast are from my trip to visit my family’s woodland property in southeastern New Brunswick which is 8 miles, as the osprey flies, from tidewater. I revisited some previous painting locations and found some excellent new ones.

After arriving back home I returned to several familiar locations around southwestern Alberta where I painted during the late fall and winter. I was not surprised at the degree of seasonal contrast but what struck me most was the sheer abundance of wildflowers: a sparkling sea of colour surrounding me as I sat on my painting chair at the edge of the road. Among the many experiences I have gained while painting in the open air, seeing those endless fields of wildflowers, all descended from survivors of the last ice age, has to be among my best.

Please take a look, and feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

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