A special one-day drawing and painting workshop presented by Dean Tatam Reeves at the Coutts Centre for Western Canadian Heritage, near Nanton, Alberta

Date – Sunday 28 July 2019 (10 am to 4:30 pm)

Workshop Fee – $125 plus GST

This workshop invites participants with varying levels of experience to look closely at botanical subjects that abound at the Coutts Centre and to develop drawing and painting skills with pen and ink, ink wash and watercolour. We will explore the use of black India ink that, when diluted and applied with pen nib and brush, offers a broad tonal range perfect for capturing delicate natural forms and textures of flowers, bushes, grasses and trees. We will discover how transparent watercolour washes may add descriptive or expressive colour and atmosphere while preserving the underlying drawing. A fundamental aspect of drawing and painting is the act of seeing so there will be an emphasis on developing visual awareness especially as it relates to botanical subjects.

Following instructor demonstrations of techniques, participants will have ample opportunity for personal exploration of the concepts, with one-on-one support and guidance provided. Near the end of the day a group discussion will give participants a chance to review their work and offer feedback. It is hoped that each participant will find useful new ideas for developing their own individual style.

For the artist, the Coutts Centre offers a varied and inspired collection of gardens: living scenes that renew each day as the gardens go through their seasonal cycles. No two days are alike. And wherever you turn you will find glimpses of the surrounding farmland, foothills and mountains. There are many sheltered areas to comfortably draw and paint, and in the event of inclement weather shelters and welcoming indoor spaces are close at hand.

For more information please contact the artist by email: deantreeves@gmail.com

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